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100 Days of ML Code

Day 000 (09- Jul- 2018 )

Day 000 (09- Jul- 2018 )


Hello All,

Recently Siraj Rawal has given a challenge to code at least an hour for 100 days via YouTube. I am formally announcing that I have accepted his challenge and will code at least an hour daily.

As a beginner in AL / ML field, I will learn concepts & algorithm using the online course /MOOCs (listed in the ref section).

My aim is to

  • Learn concepts and algorithms.
  • Learn python programming, as it is a new language for me.
  • Implement the concepts & solve python exercise.

Identify use case, work on datasets and provide the solution. 

I will be uploading my daily log weekly here.

I am referring below courses / MOOCs

1.Python tutorials: DataCamp

Objective: To learn python programming to analyze and interpret complex data.

UdacityIntro to Artificial Intelligence

Objective: an Intermediate level course to learn the basics and applications of AI, including machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, robotics, computer vision, and natural language processing.

UdacityIntro to Machine Learning

Objectives: To understand end-to-end process of investigating data through a machine learning lens, how to extract and identify useful features that best represent data, a few of the most important machine learning algorithms, and how to evaluate the performance of machine learning algorithms.

2 edXIntroduction to Artificial Intelligence

Description: It’s a Micro Masters Program from Columbia University Solid understanding of the guiding principles of AI.

Objective: Apply concepts of machine learning to real life problems and applications. Design and harness the power of Neural Networks. Discover applications of AI in fields of robotics, vision and physical simulation.

4 Linear algebra & Math concepts via online tutorials & blogs and YouTube channel

Objective: To understand the math concept required for ML

Stay Curious & Keep Learning 🙂

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