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Bad User Experience Design : Part II

Bad User Experience Design

In this post we will check a user experience design example for a mobile app, SHAREit

SHAREit, a popular app for sharing file across platforms. I was using it extensively to share content once but now I look at it as a last resort.

This article is all about my views on the application from UX perspective, why I and many others stopped using it as extensively as we use once.

Recently the app got an update in which team has introduced features like Infinite Online videos, Video Player, music player etc. On paper, those are really good features to increase user interaction but in SHAREit, it leads to the bad user experience.

Bad User Experience Design example

A new home screen is completely occupied with videos. The “Send” and “Receive” options, necessarily for file sharing are not easily viewable also, App keeps sending annoying notifications, the setting module from where I can disable the notification also difficult to find. Many times I am in the middle of something I get irrelevant notification from the app, it’s annoying and creates the bad user experience. And of course, they need to know my location to share a file with someone who is standing next to me. Strange isn’t it?

When I went through application reviews on Google play store to know other users reactions, I found many are complaining about features instead of appreciating enhancements.


1. Impact of a new feature on fundamental of product

The core idea of this app is to simplify file sharing. A user never uses SHAREit to check news or to get notified for videos etc. Extra features are somewhat irrelevant to the core function of an application.

When adding a new feature, it should align with the core functionality of the application.

2. Keep Clear Vision and Clean UI

As you can see in above screen, The “Send” and “Receive” options are not noticeable.

Users should have easy access to the core feature without any complexity.


1. Avoid feature rat race

You should focus on fundamentals. Here, hassle-free file sharing is a core concept. The enhancement should not kill it.

2. User Research Required

Take feedback seriously. A sometimes negative feedback shows a way to the good user experience. If you really want to enhance an application, user research is most important . Otherwise , people will start using other applications that offered similar features.

Stay Curious & Keep Learning 🙂

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