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Bad User Experience Design – Part I

User Experience Design,UX can make or break product usability.

Good Design has simplicity, easy to adopt and simple familiar and correlated colour combination ; whereas Bad Design has complex jargon, design unnecessary usage of colours/ uncommon colour combinations etc.

Here I am sharing my own experience  ATM  Withdrawal Experience, of bad user design with all.

Bad User Experience

It was my best buddy’s birthday and as over excited me took a complete responsibility to arrange surprise birthday party for him. I made a To-Do list to make sure to make it memorable for him.

On the birthday after buying all stuff for party I went to cake shop to get a cake delivery. I tried to swipe my debit card, but due to some technical issues unable to complete the transaction; don’t have enough cash to pay thankfully SBI ATM was nearby I went there to withdraw money. I was running out of time so went into ATM in a hurry and insert my debit card. The screen shows me banking options I select “Banking” as an option and chose English as a language in the next screen.

Machine prompt to enter any 2 digit number and show on the screen and ask to click on Yes button to proceed if i able to see the digits on screen which I entered. I am always amazed why they ask this 2 digit number.

Now it asked for a PIN and then Cash Withdrawal option, then Choose account type saving, current Account etc. then to put Amount I want to withdraw and lastly asked receipt option.
made two mistakes while withdrawing money.

While doing the transaction first time I entered wrong PIN and on second attempt I withdraw extra amount. I wanted to withdraw Rs.900 but I entered one extra zero and end up withdrawing Rs. 9000.

SBI ATM machine, good and bad user design
SBI ATM machine, image good and bad user  design experience,

Reasons behind my mistakes:

As you can observe in the above screens, the wallpaper having sky Blue background with big yellow colour flower.

The text colour is Gary and white. Due to which text / input is not easily readable.

Except that one of the major reason is Sound feedback on physical buttons click is missing (hepatic feedback). Due to which I pressed zero more than required.

Learnings :

While designing any screen, make sure that it has proper contrast, and think about the environment and the end user.

As in this example the machine is inside the room where lights may be directed above or opposite the machine and with the existing colour and design end user needs to make an extra effort to read.

Especially when we are using physical button for any interaction, feedback is most important to the user. For every action there should be a notification. Feedback tells us whether or not we’re moving closer to accomplishing a task or achieving a goal.


  1. Keep Simple clean, understandable UX.
  2. Use Simple Font with appropriate colour contrast and size.
  3. System should ask user to Confirm amount before debit.

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Stay Curious & Keep Learning 🙂

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