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Good User Experience Design : Part II

Good User Experience Design : TATA Sky SMS — Recharge Reminder

Here I am sharing my experience of another good user experience design UX. The user interaction mode is SMS here.

I am having Tata sky connection at home I prefer to recharge on monthly basis. TATA Sky SMS reminder service is my saviour as most of the times I forget to recharge my account.

I usually receive first reminder SMS before 7 days of deactivation with the clear message.

“Tata Sky ID 123456789 valid till ‘dd-mm- yyyy’ Date. Recharge now with monthly Rs. XXX.”

After 3–4 days, I get another reminder SMS with the same message in Hindi. Thanks to my hectic schedule sometimes I forget to recharge connection even after getting 2 reminders.

On the deactivation date, I get another reminder message with clear instruction.

i.e. “Your Tata Sky ID 123456789 will get deactivated TONIGHT. Monthly Charges Rs. ***. Recharge in just three easy steps: Click *****, Link*****”.

Example of good UX, user design experience , TATA Sky SMS — Recharge Reminder

When I click on the given link; it navigates me to the payment gateway where my TATA Sky ID and monthly recharge amount is auto-filled.

Overall it’s a good experience as on the last day you don’t need to remember your account id.

Key Takeaways:

1. Better customer experience:

Reminder SMS creates a good user experience. It is a powerful and easy medium to reach the customer and to serve them better.

It acts like a communication bridge between the services provider and consumers. Also it is not dependent on the internet , even in low coverage areas SMS will surely reach to intended end use with some delay.


2. SMS in Local Language:

SMS in the local language is the best way to overcome language barriers. Communicating with customers in local language has its own good experience.


Nothing as such.

Stay Curious & Keep Learning 🙂

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