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Good User Experience Design – Part I

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – — Steve Jobs

A Good User Experience, UX Design is nothing but connecting with the customer; make interaction more fruitful for both , business as well as customer

Here I am sharing my experience of Idea Express Bill Payment Portal. Idea — Express Bill Payment Portal a Good User Experience

I have idea postpaid connection. Usually, I pay my mobile bill via Idea Express Bill Payment Portal. Recently they revamp the portal I observed UI enhancements, sharing my thoughts on their UX.

When I entered the mobile number, the system automatically validates my mobile number without waiting to fill out other details or users explicit submit action.

Curiously I checked some functional scenarios. I entered non idea number, and the system instantly gave me an error saying “This is not an Idea number. Switch to Idea now! “With a hyperlink. Label colour also changed for valid and invalid details.

It’s a clever lead generation strategy instead of showing a normal error to the user.

I tried the postpaid mobile number in prepaid mobile recharge section, system shows appropriate error with prepaid portal link .i.e. “This is a postpaid number. Please visit Postpaid Bill Pay page.”

Also, I can only enter numbers in a mobile number field.

good user experience example from uxtocode  ux blogs on good and bad user designs UX
Idea Express Bill Payment Portal


1. Task completion with minimum clicks and appropriate functions.

As you can observe in this portal, No need to click submit button to validate the details. Users get notified immediately after entering details. Using appropriate functions you can minimize the human errors like junk values etc.

2. Well written error messages

A user-friendly and specific error message is an essential component of interaction. As you can see in above screens, all error messages are very clear and meaningful also they are navigating user without confusing him.

3. Appropriate colour usage

They use the Sky blue colour as their brand colour , sky blue has trustworthy, safety and security psychological characteristics. Also for invalid details they use the red and for valid it is green.

Using accurate functions, Good error messages and delightful UI creates the good user experience.


Nothing as such.

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Stay Curious & Keep Learning 🙂

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