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Last Mile Delivery : UX Design Case Study

“Last Mile Delivery”

The “Last Mile Delivery” is becoming more critical contributor for overall customer experience. It has its own challenges and pain points; One should be very careful with the last mile goods delivery process as it leaves long lasting impression on customer.

There are few issues and pain points of the complete process This case-study based on such problems with a solution from design point of view.

case study on last mile delivery

Problem Statement

To locate customer’s actual delivery address and / or navigation from address ( mentioned while placing an order) to the warehouse to optimised delivery route.

User Research

I’ve observed few issues in the delivery flow from delivery person point of view as well as in overall last mile delivery process.

For better understanding I have conducted a survey which was very helpful to understand/define the pain points of overall last mile delivery.

Below are the Survey questions

  1. How often do you shop online ?
  2. Are you happy with delivery experience of online shopping ?
  3. Are you happy with last mile delivery experience of online shopping ?
  4. What type of issues you face during shipment / last mile delivery ?

Survey Response 

last mile delivery survey response
last mile delivery survey response on online shopping experience
last mile delivery survey response on last mile delivery experience of  online shop
last mile delivery survey response on issues faced during shipment pr  delivery.


Current Approach

Lets understand the current approach of Last mile Delivery,

Once the parcel arrived at hub(For last mile delivery phase); It handed over to the delivery person for delivery. If delivery person unable to locate delivery location, he may contact customer for the navigation. Customer guide him and delivers the shipment.

Here is the journey of Delivery person

Pain Points & Challenges

  1. Customer might miss the call / given phone number is not in network coverage, in such cases delivery person is completely relies on the given address, could ask for help and navigation from road side shops etc., which takes time and increase shipment delivery time than expected.
  2. Some time customer not able to specifically help user with navigation, as he himself is new to the city. Use case: Relocated to new city, In India relocation is usual for job & study, where person may not know detailed address to navigate delivery person accurately.
  3. Language barrier: Customer happens to proficient in a language in which delivery person may not familiar with e.g. customer is a fluent English speaker whereas delivery person may not be able to understand English, could be well versed with regional language only vice versa. Specifically in India where every state has different regional language.

Proposed Solution 

Customer end : Customer can provide Geo location along with the address while placing an order

System: System will convert the given Geo location into map link,which can be open on the map application. The map link share along with other details as per existing process, Also it can share with delivery team in form of bar code/QR code sticker,placed on the parcel or on the receipt,also can be send or share via existing application used by delivery team.

Delivery Person End :Mal link can be given on the delivery application with the help of maps ,delivery person can plan his route efficiently considering traffic situation.

Proposed flow 

Proposed flow

Mock Screens

Customer Mobile App

Customer Mobile App

Delivery person Mobile App

Delivery person Mobile App screenshot


  1. Reduce dependency on the customer for location related guidance.
  2. Resource optimisation.
  3. Real time delivery tacking for customers using GPS.
  4. Improve accuracy for delivery time.
  5. Can be use collected data to analyse shopping tendency region wise; which could be helpful while setting up delivery hub and to optimise delivery time.

 Part 2 is in progress >>

Stay Curious & Keep Learning 🙂

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