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User Experience of Sign Up Form

Using well-known product’s Sign Up forms


To utilize any service filling a sign-up form is pretty much common. We all are used to it, but some time due to some field validations and its UX it frustrates user.
Form validation plays a vital role in verifying entered values and accomplishes business goals.
In this article, we will overview the form validation with the help of some Good and Bad Sign Up forms of well-known products.

Google Sign Up Form

Everyone has a Google account. Google designed Sign Up form with minimum fields.


Currently, sign-up form validates fields on the Next button’s click event. A user has to submit an entire form to verify whether email id is available; the entered password is strong etc.

It should validate important filed instantly like Password’s security checks can be validated instantly using Real-time inline validation instead of validating all the fields to create a good user experience.


Zeta an Indian company, offers meal coupons for corporate employees via app platform.


As shown in the screenshot below, password rules are listed below the Password field. Once you begin typing a password it gets validate against displayed password rules and full-filled conditions turned to Green whereas remaining highlighted in Red. By this approach, users can easily distinguish and notify while entering the password itself.

Overall it creates good user experience using appropriate usage of validation and color combinations


Another good example of Form validation is Instagram Sign Up page.


Instagram uses symbols to show the validity of entered data. It displays a red color cross symbol if wrong details entered, and right tick for valid data. Also shows Refresh symbol to suggest unique username.

A user can easily recognize whether correct data is entered with the help of these symbols. This approach allows users to correct the errors on the spot.


Another example of bad user experience is Rediffmail Create account form.


As you can see in the above screen, validation messages are placed at the top for all the fields. Also, the form requires too much information in one go, some of them might not require for Sign Up process. Users might lose interest while filling a lengthy form; it will impact on business directly.

An error message should be placed at the right place. Also, need to design the Signup form with a minimum field to gather mandatory details from users. Basically, need to redesign complete sign-up form and onboarding process.

What we learned from above experiences ?

  1. Use Real time Inline Validation. It will allow user to correct the mistakes immediately.
  2. Validation messages should be at right place.
  3. Try to design Sign Up form with minimum fields.
  4. Use Correct symbols , colors to assist users while filling the form.

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