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UX Design Case Study For Mobile Application

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For any application User Experience aka UX is very important. During product conceptualisation phase itself product owner needs to think about designing, overall look and feel ,colours, feature accessibility and many more, designer needs to utilise space fully without making it too complex or confusing for the end user.
In this blog we will see some basic and important steps while designing a mobile application UX strategy. Here we are taking an example of designing a simple app which lets user to control their IOT devices.

As a designer you need to understand requirements and targeted users mindset well before defining the UX strategy; For example key features needs to get highlighted also you need to use graphic assets which depict the action perfectly without a helper text / hint.

This application allows user to control home appliances. We are showing here designs for an android application.

UX specific requirement is to incorporate all features in few screens while keeping design simple with decent colour combination.

Colour Combination
I have used CYAN and White colours in this application.

HEX codes of colours use while defining UX
  • CYAN (#08EDA8) is combination of Blue and Green. Blue promotes calmness whereas Green shows the natural behaviour .
  • White (#FFFFFF) colour associate with the light and perfection.
  • Pink (#FF4081) is the colour to show care use it especially for kid zone.


pencil mock wire frame -1
UX  basic step: rough mocks or pencil mock of mobile app screens, showing feature placements



Final Designs

Final Design


  • My Home Screen : After successful login user navigate to this landing page, App will show the all rooms belongs to his home.
  • Room Screen : Once user clicks on any room from the landing page app will navigate to next screen which will show all the appliances belongs to that room. User can view and control the appliances. Also application will show the current and desired room temperature.
  • Modes : Using mode functionality user can set the mode as per their needs. User can control the multiple appliances with single active mode. “Create your mode” allows user to create their own mode as per their convenience. In the above screen I have shown the kids mode.

Stay Curious & Keep Learning 🙂

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